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This review may contain spoilers.

One of the best blockbusters of the 2000s. Its structure is pretty unorthodox for a movie of its size, as it basically abandons the main characters for half an hour to focus on the minor characters battling for their lives. And I know a lot of people say the battle of zion is boring or that it doesn’t work, but I still find it super strong.

But what I find the most powerful about this movie is how after the MANY stylized kung fu super-powered fights Neo has in Reloaded (where he is basically unstoppable), Neo spends this movie mostly in the real world where he lacks those incredible physical abilities. He has only one fight during the first two acts of this, a fight which is shot with handheld cameras as opposed to the extravagant and slick direction we’re used to in the series because this fight is grounded and scrappy as it doesn’t take place in the matrix like usual, and it is incredibly effective. Then the fight ends with him losing his sight, further showing a contrast from how unstoppable he seemed in the last movie.

And when Neo finally enters the matrix to fight Agent Smith one last time, it feels like the most epic fight ever put to film because of how satisfying it is after all the waiting. But beating Smith up isn’t how Neo defeats him, because sometimes it takes more than that to win #believe #becauseichooseto #itwasinevitable

ps I love The Oracle and Seraph and Sati in this, they’re the heart of the film for me

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