• Tenet



    “Hey, Chris, you like physics?” 
    "Why yes, I rather enjoy the ramificational properties in the interlocution of the physical world with mathematics in reference to the time/space continuum" 
    Hollywood: “here’s 60 million (edit:205 million) and make sure to make it incomprehensible like the others.”  

    And for his next film, Nolan is just going to put Bobert Pattinson in front of a stainless steel wall with the shadow of a clock on it.

  • Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now


    I watched the Redux version and from I surmise it mostly added to the storyline of the French plantation. Personally, I really think that storyline adds depth and historical significance; I can see why it was the first to go as you’d have to have some previous knowledge on the Vietnam War (thank you Ken Burns) to really get a lot of its meaning or understand what the hell their talking about. The film itself is so incredibly well paced…

  • Life During Wartime

    Life During Wartime


    It looks great and is very funny and has some genuine characters— gives us a lot to latch onto. Ultimately, it sort of fizzles out or could have been about a half hour shorter and I’m positive the topic matter isn’t for a lot of people.

  • Gran Torino

    Gran Torino


    It certainly has a white savior aspect to it but is he really the savior with that ending? It’s almost like it commits racist stereotypes to show them and then goes onto fighting those stereotypes... 

    The movie is hilarious at its root and when Clint gets spitting mad it truly laugh out loud funny. I also can relate to Walt’s misanthropic ways which are quite well thought out— he ain’t wrong in his skepticism of pretty much every thing and…

  • George Washington

    George Washington


    Paul Schneider is a bright spot in the black hole of acting in this one. The story is fine and it works on a humorous level. The fact it looks like it does for the budget it had is certainly commendable— Tim Orr and Criterion are, I’m sure, the reasons behind this. 

    Other than that, I feel like this was overrated for being on so many favorites lists.

  • Old Joy

    Old Joy


    Subtle seems too strong of word to describe this movie. Kurt has some great stories and the most mushroomed out one -which turns out to be a true story from Will’s life- is the centerpiece of the film with the great line that “sorrow is nothing but worn out joy.” 

    Interesting talk radio conversation in the background about “law and order” and how it was a political maneuver during the Reagan and Nixon election years to get votes by fear…

  • The Souvenir

    The Souvenir


    I went into this one blind with knowing only that Marty Scorsese and Joanna did an episode together on the A24 podcast. First off, why is there so much hate for A24 out there? I can honestly say I haven’t been let down by them very many times and I have high expectations. The general hate consensus is that they are veiled as art house but actually very main stream which is —to borrow a term from the Souvenir—bullocks! 


  • High Life

    High Life


    It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Claire Denis and  the reason why is her deliberateness in creating films that are so nonconformist, authentic, true, eccentric and most importantly genuine (the difference between authentic and genuine and how she can do both IS Claire Denis) —High Life is certainly an extension of that. 

    The film opens with a minimalist and simple solo on what I’m guessing is an alto sax? and if you follow the trajectory and mood of…

  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums


    Pagoda and Roy’s relationship is what life is all about!

  • 7 Chinese Brothers

    7 Chinese Brothers


    Very funny in a Jason Schwartzman way, which I’m here for. Also, a positive ending that wreaks of personal growth. I’m not sure why this wasn’t more highly reviewed...

  • Down the Shore

    Down the Shore


    Gandolfini is soo good in this— and everything, really. The film itself has a lot going for it but doesn’t have a very believable plot, if that sort of thing even matters...

  • The Conversation

    The Conversation


    Great soundtrack and everything about this film is anxiety ridden in an unmatched way. Gene Hackman is the king of pulling off male pattern baldness.