Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★

Ready Player One is a rousing piece of nostalgia and modern day pop culture that makes for a really, really fun experience and overall really solid film. It’s exposition heavy at times, and sometimes suffers from “I KNOW THAT!!” syndrome, but overall is really good! 

There’s so many great sequences in this film, and so many things that I never knew I wanted to see in a movie until now. FREAKING IRON GIANT! 

Even the characters I thought were all solid, in game and out of the game. I cared about them no matter what. The thing is, there comes a point in the film to where everything in the Oasis feels real and impactful, and you feel like that’s the real world, when in reality it’s all artificial. Not to mention that the blend between live action and entirely CGI sequences is seamless, and seems to blend together perfectly.

This isn’t a perfect film. But you know what? Years from now, this film will be regarded as a classic. Ready Player One is everything I wanted it to be. Spielberg reigns supreme. Solid 8/10

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