Parasite ★★★★★

I'm unsure how I managed to a) catch this on the big screen so far after local release, and b) stay pretty much completely unspoiled despite Cannes raves and the unexpected Oscar sweep, but I did - yay me!

A master class in how to deliver unambiguous social satire sans ham-fisted mallet-like application. Bong's signature tonal/genre gymnastics keep you guessing, intrigued, and invested in this array of at once recognizable yet over the edge characters. Performances are tight, with fascinating direction, expertly weaving tension through the relatively mundane before stepping into grittier territory. Bong &c. even make some truly beautiful and memorable visual sequences from some less savoury side avenues (slo-mo water!) as the icing on Da-song's cake. Most invigorating viewing since I saw BACURAU.

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