The Red House ★★★★

Lee and Jia have been together for the last 20 years but how well do they really know each other? This is the paradox of human intimacy at once so deep and yet never comprehending those depths.

Damn, this is the best NZ film I've seen in a while. Another featuring blurring the lines of documentary and drama, Alyx Duncan's THE RED HOUSE is a love story, at once grounded and poetic, told in the minutiae of the everyday. The style is observational, utilising voice-over of simple visual footage but the camera work and editing is artfully assured, and the picture looks fantastic. This is a story of two long time soul mates that is as compelling and enigmatic as the relationship they’ve built; a story about human connection that strikes true at a level you don't see very often. The last experience I remember that compares would be watching Julia Loktev’s excellent travelogue THE LONELIEST PLANET. I’ll certainly be looking out for future films from Ms Duncan.

This film is due for theatrical release in NZ in March 2013. Do yourself (and the film) a favour and go see it.

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