Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

This dog is shaggy to the point of not being able to tell its head from its arse but, inconsistent as it was, I got on board with David Robert Mitchell's Hollywoodland theme-park ride right from the start and ended up enjoying it scene-to-scene in all its comedic oddness. Kind of like if THE NICE GUYS unravelled its narrative threads, stumbled over BRICK (I saw that camera moving back whilst simultaneously zooming in!), and landed in the lap of THE BIG LEBOWSKI. #amatuersdudeamateurs

Occasionally the film's quirkiness overtakes the performances, though Andrew Garfield holds the centre just fine—"The *perfect* Hollywood actor...", 👀 I thought to myself, being an English dude and all, but I subsequently discovered that Garfield was born in L.A. to an English mum and a Californian dad and moved to the UK at age 3, so perhaps he IS actually the perfect fit after all?!?—also Mitchell's via-character rants about Hollywood's artistic bankruptcy get a bit embarrassing but the reference stuffed sequences (show us your REAR WINDOW opening) actually kept me very engaged. I was afraid it might drag (all 139 loose minutes of it) but it totally didn't for me. In fact I could rewatch and enjoy a different experience several times I think.

E.g. this outing I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of scenes from the director's first feature THE MYTH OF THE AMERICAN SLEEPOVER via an open air screening sequence, but the director replaces a couple of the actual actresses by cutting in supporting actresses from UNDER THE SILVER LAKE to fit it into the latter film's story. Nice. Anyway, I can see why mileage varies on this, but it went the distance for me.

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