Tenet ★★★★½

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Ah it’s so nice to see a movie in the theatre again!


How does one think up of ideas like this???

This movie is crazy complex. It’s one of those where I think I have it figured out but then I realize I don’t.

There are some insane action scenes in this that just get better as the movie goes on.

Surprisingly the first half doesn’t have a whole ton of time inversion, but once you get to the second half it just takes the concept and runs with it like it’s super simple.

Really the only complaint is that at some points the Kat character can slow down the pace of the movie in the first half. Her character comes full circle near the end so that kind of makes up for it though.

Also this is the first Nolan movie I’ve seen in theatre and it is definitely a great experience.

Also the music in this movie is insanely good and it elevates already awesome scenes. 

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