Under the Silver Lake ★★★½

Edit after a week or something: I needed to give this a 3,5 star rating instead of a 3 after a week of thinking back to it and remembering a whole lot, this is just way to memorable for a 3 star watch. I will rewatch it soon and hope I’ll have to write an apology for not seeing it’s geniusness the first time around. Or I will fall asleep for real... that’s also a possibility.

Do I admire Mitchell for making this movie? Definitely yes, but at the same time I feel like there is a masterpiece somewhere in here, but Mitchell couldn’t find where exactly it was hiding. It’s amazing how many movie references there are in here and I still must have missed so much. Those references fit perfectly with the movie’s theme of subliminal messages and finding links everywhere. However, I feel like Mitchell never made up his mind about where to go. He just kept adding stuff and that led to so many storylines just lying around unanswered. And one could argue that that would also be in line with the theme of the movie, but that’s a too easy way out of lazy writing (or maybe overly ambitious instead of lazy). Which doesn’t mean there aren’t gems to find here. There were some great absurdistic and hilarious scenes. The songwriter scene was awesome and there are all kinds of little pieces of beauty. 

So the anwer to the question if I enjoyed it is also yes. Though I could as easily say no. Because honestly, this movie seemed so very very long. I really wanted it to be over at times. Sometimes I even thought I would choose a meh ending over a long runtime. Sadly it turned out that with the long runtime I still wasn’t a fan of the ending either. Luckily Under the Silver Lake is pretty, there are party scenes with great scenery and costumes, there are lovely shots and interesting ways of how it was filmed. I also thought Garfield’a performance was good, he was goofy and funny. So eventually there are a lot of things to sum up that were good.

Did the film work for me? Definitely not and with all the good stuff being around I wish the answer would’ve been different. Sadly enough I just can’t say what I looked forward to saying namely that this movie is awesome. Now I can say that about bits and that honestly makes it even more unsatisfying.

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