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  • Christmas Inheritance

    Christmas Inheritance


    do yourself a favour and watch literally anything else

    there is no joy in this film to speak of. it has no soul, every character choice and decision is made for the sole reason of trying to convince the audience that the 2 'protagonists' should be together (and i was not convinced. at all.).

    'shes got a boyfriend, yea, but look!!! hes a rude asshole!' ok. so why is she with him? what does she like about him? he cant…

  • The Lego Movie

    The Lego Movie


    ok i still dont use letterboxd because its unrealistic for me to log things consistently. but WHY does the same completely non-sad scene in this movie make me literally fucking cry on every viewing? every fucking time? even just thinking about it i have to steel myself so i dont start fucking crying on the spot? wanna know what scene that is? its the scene where princess unikitty gets angry. tears are rolling down my face. i need to go to bed

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  • Mommy



    this film fucked me

  • Tootsie



    michael youre genderfluid