Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

I haven’t felt this way after film in quite a while. I’d honestly been scared to watch this knowing it would be highly emotional and triggering. It’s not often you can see a movie about this content and it work well. I was wrong, they pulled it off so well. The title “promising young woman” is captivating in itself. It’s hard to display the effects of trauma and ptsd from r*pe, mostly because it’s different for every person but this film took all endings and really made this statement that no matter what the trauma is, it’s gruesome and it’s definitely something you don’t just get to move on from. It follows you and those around you forever. Many people called this film “bitter” I think a better word is shocking. Nobody expected this film to hit this hard and be so dark. I think there was issues with some of the dialogue and it being too on the nose at times but every other aspect of this film makes up for it. This movie not only continues the need for more conversation around r*pe culture but enforces that now is the time to have it. I was highly impressed with the depiction of when a man is stripped of his power how far he will go just to regain that control (aka smothering a woman to death). The ending was jaw dropping and the talley marks finally making sense really gives us this full picture. I love this movie aside from some small choices and I love the conversation it enforces. 

“it’s every guys worse nightmare getting accused like that”

“...can you guess what every woman’s worst nightmare is”

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