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  • Dunkirk



    Yes, it is true. The audience is witnessing a chef d'oeuvre, so to speak. Christopher Nolan has proven just how much a force of nature he really is with his direction. Dunkirk is a phenomenal masterwork that makes the audience shiver with its intensity. An aspect of Dunkirk that has not come up often by critics is how incredible the sound effects and the sound mixing was, from every gun shot to every torpedo & flying planes, the sonic experience was…

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman



    A few decades ago, the world was awestruck when Richard Donner delivered Christopher Reeve donning the red cape, red boots, and blue suit. Humanity has been introduced to the very first form of a Superhero Blockbuster film that grew into a phenomenal franchise. A decade later, the caped crusader donned by Michael Keaton hits theatres worldwide, distributing the dark natures of justice. Said film also created a franchise that many different actors and directors enthusiastically handed the world the…