Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★½

I was waiting for Kyle Maclachlan to show up and say something like “wake up”. You know just a cherry on top is all i wanted. 

Well looks like I’ll need to use all of my 200 extra refill A4 pages tonight because What The Fuck? This is the most bait induced movie I’ve seen. Your expectations will be shattered people, don’t even guess or fuck it don’t even think just sit down and watch it. 

There’s a clear surface point within each Lynch movie I’ve seen so far. Blue Velvet’s delve into the Suburban dangers, Wild at Heart’s tale of unconditional or forced love and now Mulholland Drive is here with the dreams that bring upon the facade of Hollywood. What this does (for me anyway) sets up a foundational to lose yourself into the shit Lynch provides and I was enthralled. 

The performances are stellar, Naomi Watts is bubbly and joyful as Betty and then... well we won’t get into that. Laura Harring is also quite incredible as Rita and so is Theroux in his great side bit. The characters are all surprisingly fleshed out yet also not.... okay I’m having a hard time talking about this..... what am I even typing here? 

Oh man my mind has gone high on Lynch again... oh well give me a couple hours. 


Didn’t need this much extra anxiety but FUCK.

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