Possessor ★★★★

There’s so much towards all this new wave of red light neon drenched horror that I might as well fall off the deep end and get stuck in it permanently. Well okay that’s probably not the best idea in the long run. 

Slick and altogether depraved in any sense of positivity, Brandon Cronenberg’s exploration into the fire house of mental strain is a tantalising emotional power house and one of the more gruesome movies to come out in a while. Seriously there’s more blood in here than 4 butchered pigs and I’ve barely touched on the real horror of the movie. 

Cronenberg’s direction is seeped in a intensity and passion towards atmospheric tension, with the constant variety of location and lighting always creating vivid images. Every shot is stylistic and consistent with extra props towards the jarring moments of psychological strain and presentation of the possession process and incredible hallucinations. It makes what would be a silly and absurd premise very tangible and in service to the story’s tone, albeit with too much vaping that is honestly a joke at this point (I hid the urge to laugh I swear). 

Unsurprisingly the acting across the board is wholly worthwhile to watch, with Riseborough and Abbott taking surprising turns to their characters across the bloody board. Every supporting role is at performance equal, yet the scripts attempts at dimensional characters isn’t well put. The big villain (which none of us are surprised is played by Sean Bean) and any of the other plot point characters are paper thin towards easy quirks that made some parts a chore to pay attention without tension. 

What saves this however is the ultimately shocking nature the movie constantly builds up. The underlying style and structure of the narrative all culminate towards a breaking point and hammers in the fear of parasitic imposters. Again while not the most original premise, the movie shines the fear and paranoia to the extreme and is matched with the bloody violence to show how much intensity and ferocity the fear can be. We all think of ourselves as in control but what if the self doesn’t exist for either the imposter or the host? Its a terrifying thought that seeps into the movie to an unforgettable climax. 

Possessor is a saving grace for sci fi horror and one that succeeds in every enjoyable (and horrifying) effect it wishes to achieve. And if you tick all the boxes you want then you’ve practically made a solid movie. 

But seriously Sean Bean vaping? Christ I would never think I would ever see something like that in my life.

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