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  • Frightmare



    I didn’t seem to care much for this. Some positives are the new wave aesthetics in the mausoleum, the scene where all the college kids are sitting at the dining table in their spiffy monster masks having a blast, and the sound effects all around were pretty awesome. While campy which is part of my taste, it bored me overall with its lackluster story and this feeling of emptiness. None of the kills did it for me either besides the very last one being loaded in & cremated.

  • First Strike

    First Strike


    Things I think about when I remember this movie:
    -Koala underwear
    -Sea urchins
    -The AWESOME ladder fight scene
    -Snow AND tropical blue weather
    -Jackie in that cute hat
    -“I will follow youuuuu”
    So. Many. More. Awesome. Moments. In this movie!

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  • Hereditary



    Cruel. Unnerving. Devastating.

    I’ve always said Exorcist 3 is the all-time scariest film I’ve ever seen. Hereditary now takes second place (pushing the Conjuring to third). I am a life-long huge horror fan and Hereditary had me covering my face peeking through my fingers constantly like I was a little kid all over again. My whole body felt like a clenched closed fist for most of the movie. That’s how intense and relentless this is. It has no mercy for…

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    The first time I watched the Witch it was in theaters. Due to how immersive the experience was and the material within, I got out of the screening feeling extremely disturbed and dirty so much so that I convinced myself I hated the film. Two feelings I’ve never felt so strongly for towards a movie thus far in my lifetime.

    Few years later on my second viewing I have a much better appreciation and respect for the Witch. Dark, forboding,…