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  • Wood Job!

    Wood Job!


    Back in the early Aughts, I came across a Japanese movie in a video store dollar bin called ADRENALINE DRIVE. It turned out to be a peculiar comedy/romance/yakuza thriller and become a brief staple of past movie nights. I recently watched it again, and was surprised at how well it held up. I was curious to see what that film's director-- Shinobu Yaguchi-- had been up to since then, and eventually ended up with a copy of the oddly named…

  • The Emoji Movie

    The Emoji Movie


    Day TWO of the EMOJI MOVIE EXPERIENCE. Today's focus: This Movie's 3D is Bullshit and It Has A Secret Satanic Plotline

    But first, you may notice half a star added to the rating of this movie. I should come clean. I went with the flow of the crowd that says this movie should be terrible. It really isn't. It's at least base-line competently made. It has the occasional laughable moment. It has sins and offenses, but they're pretty much the…

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  • A Bulldog for Christmas

    A Bulldog for Christmas


    Dumb Xmas Movie Advent: (2/25)

    A mischievous hipster elf turns a cranky girl into bulldog until she can learn to appreciate Christmas. It's like NINE LIVES, but with less Kevin Spacey and more burning Christmas trees.

    A no-budget, millennial-minded take on the Hallmark Christmas Movie formula. It's often awkward and amateurish, but those qualities lead to moments of sincerity that more polished productions never manage. Not a great movie, but this was more fun than I expected.

  • A Country Christmas

    A Country Christmas

    My Dumb Xmas Movie Advent: (1/25)

    I'm doing an art project on my twitter for the month of December. I'm watching 25 "mostly bad" Christmas movies (20 voted on by followers and friends, 5 of my own choosing) and post an artistic reply and short review.

    Ostensibly this is about Santa and one of his elves crashing on a family farm and hijinx ensuing, but I couldn't get over the fact that there's a whole subplot about a vague political…

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  • Black Girl

    Black Girl


    Watched for the Letterboxd Season Challenge 2017-18.

    Week 1: September 4th-10th
    Sembène Week

    A tragic tale of post-colonial society and the institutionalized racism that persists. Diouana, a Senegalese woman travels with her white employers back to their home in France. Initially this seems like she will have the opportunity to rise out of her impoverished life, but it soon becomes clear that her employers intend to keep her in the more captive position of a personal servant. What little contact…

  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

    Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2



    Do I really need to put myself through the pain of this holiday tradition? Doesn't Thanksgiving with the fam already have its own special awkward? Barely eight minutes in and I was ready to watch THE EMOJI MOVIE for a sixth time.

    I'll give props to the crane that whoops on Kevin James in the garden. That dude's the true MVP of this movie. My gorgeous feathered cage fighter. <3