The House of the Devil ★★★½

What really impresses about this 80's throwback is its slow burning sense of control.

Ti West doesn't go in for cheap jump scares to keep us engaged. In fact the vast majority of the film is refreshingly mundane, as we watch a dorky young woman...just be a dorky young woman. The elements of weirdness, foreboding and dread are mixed in slowly, amidst walkman dances, pizza orders, and annoying roommates.

The House of the Devil gets the ambiance of being an awkward college-age student. Of not quite being either an adult or a kid, and the sense of angst and stasis that comes with that.

All of this is so well paced, well shot and and well-acted that when things really start to escalate late into the film, I found myself a bit...nonplussed. Had there been no actual 'horror' I still would have enjoyed it (I might have enjoyed it a bit more). I can think of virtually no other horror film's thats true of. Texture is king in this movie, which is rare and refreshing in the genre.