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  • Sabrina



    okay but audrey hepburn even deigning to look at humphrey bogart and him being like “i am a cold mystery man of business and logic, i can totally play with this woman’s heart and catch no feelings whatsoever”... absolutely, positively unrealistic, i tell you.

  • Picnic at Hanging Rock

    Picnic at Hanging Rock


    and they wonder why they climbed hanging rock without corsets.

    it's hard to pick out the scene of an essentially inscrutable film but one thing that's stuck with me is the brief introduction of the fitzhuberts, a wealthy couple with a rather sallow nephew. we're introduced to them sitting at the bottom of hanging rock, their parasols and lacy tables meant to protect them from mother nature. their valet points out that they always eat lunch too early. it's not…

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  • Safe



    maybe if she had been a better, kinder person she wouldn't be feeling this bad. maybe if she loved herself more and spent more time on herself and wasn't so selfish, so stressed, so caught up in daily life, she would be on the path to recovery. maybe she just needs to tough it up and will herself out of this, put her mind to positivity instead of the negativity and ignore her body screaming at her because the doctors…

  • Deadstream



    people calling this dude over-the-top or unrealistically annoying have clearly never seen a sam & colby and/or youtube ghost hunting video in their life and for that... i envy you all.

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  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange

    y'all ever smoked weed...

  • Casablanca



    i like how i slowly went from "hmmm... this will probably be overhyped" to "lovely movie but i'm not feeling it" to "that's there song and sam is playing it... again" to "wow, imagine watching this in 1942 when you didn't even know if the Allies would prevail against the Nazis and here they are singing in a bar with fear and courage on their faces" to "WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE PARISSSS" as i fling myself on the couch.