Good Time

Good Time ★★★★

i once got lost on the way to my dad's place of employment.

it was in a warehouse, surrounded by industrial skeletons and wavering street-lights. i had been sent out to venture a few streets down to a sandwich shop, that ended up being closed. it was night-time, the cars headlights were bathing the buildings in red. the graffiti, huge colorful murals, were briefly illuminated before being plunged into darkness. there were no other people around.

in every place, in every city, there is a time and a location where reality breaks down and neon takes over. you are on your own. there is no one coming to save you. if you are not careful, you can develop a hard shell of your own bitterness and anxiety. some people are watched and some are allowed to skulk in the shadows. if you don't belong, you don't belong.

i walked back, partially calm, partially nervous. there's something hypnotizing about the lights and the buildings and the absence of others.

then a car slowed down. right next to me on the street.

i figured it'd be turning or maybe it was also looking for it's own warehouse. but my heart-beat started jumping and my palms started feeling a little more sweaty than they had before. i walked faster. the car continued to follow. the pounding began. is this it... is it following me... what is it doing... is my panic stupid... it's late... no one's one cares

the car did turn onto a side street. i was right about that. i made it to the warehouse and we decided maybe sandwiches at night wasn't such a great idea.

this movie is the jump of your heart, the breath that hitches, the lights that flicker as you try to move faster, the darting eyes that try to take in everything you can, the shadows that look like people watching you, the car that may or may not be following you, the empty reassurances you make to yourself that you will be alright, the neon and the hard shell you gather around yourself when you become convinced no one will save you.

the only difference is there is no catharsis. the car never turns.

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