In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

decided after watching happy together, that i needed to revisit this film

okay, bear with me...

so there was this boy.

and it was a pretty hot summer.

and he and i were on pretty different paths in life.

but for some reason, that summer we were drawn together. and yes, as often happens when there's a boy and a girl and a pretty hot summer... well, you can imagine (no, this is not going to get steamy). we were both lonely people, grasping for some sort of identity, and i think we found solace with each other. some sort of understanding we couldn't find with others. we were just friends, that's all.

and since we were on those very, very, very different paths in life, the summer ended and i never saw him again. i still think about that boy.

maybe some-day, i'll do as tony leung did and whisper my sorrows into a hole. or, as i've chosen, i'll just keep it as a fond memory and get on with my life. part of falling in love with someone is being aware that you can lose them. part of falling in love with someone is letting them go and learning to cherish the good parts of your time together, no matter how short it may have been.

as for this film? one of the truest, sweetest, and most beautiful depictions of a relationship i've ever seen.

who knows? maybe i will see that boy again.

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