Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★

so, the two teenagers have a manifesto. the woman has a manifesto. everyone has a manifesto. let's see about this film's manifesto.

Rule 1: there are two boys and a woman. boys love girls. girls love boys. boys love boys. don't worry about it.

Rule 2: the country side is hot and expansive and your car is so small and limited. you stare out the glass and try to understand. don't think too hard.

Rule 3: don't ask the woman you've tricked into coming along on a road-trip to a beach you've made up too many questions. you don't want to know.

Rule 4: there are also things even your best friend doesn't need to know. bury your resentment of his status deep down.

Rule 5: you should be faithful and not sleep with your friend's girl but if its your best friends girl, maybe it's okay.

Rule 6: you never fit in with your husband's asshole friends and he's cheating on you. wound him over the phone. you'll stare at your mortality and your relationship and then you'll call him again. end it this time gently but firmly.

Rule 7: you were kids but you're 18 now. those lines that divide are getting awfully bold and bright. grow up.

Rule 8: your problems are just a tiny scratch set against the grand mosaic of so many others. there's a dry narrator that points this out. don't question why he's there.

Rule 9: there is actually a beach at the end of all of this. it can provide clarity for a moment. go swimming.

Rule 10: there's always quiet after the storm. you kiss him and love her or maybe you kissed her and loved him. it doesn't matter. you are going to wake up and you are going to be quiet in the car all the way back. you were kids but you've graduated now. grow up. bury your resentment. see the big lines that divide and the problems littering the countryside that passes by your window.

Rule 11: meet him at a coffee shop. don't ever talk to him again.
or alternatively, swim in the ocean. give yourself to the foam.

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