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  • Insidious


    I have no idea how Poltergeist, Jr. here got such rave reviews but this movie is really not good. However, I did learn that James Wan loves the sight of his own name, giving it two pride-of-placement spotlights in the opening credits and yet another Easter Egg shoutout in a later scene.

  • Hereafter



    "And featuring Sir Derek Jacobi as himself"

    What an odd film this is. Some excellent moments rest uncomfortably beside some truly baffling scenes, including the most awkwardly sensual community college cooking class ever offered. And of all the "separate stories featuring disparate characters who eventually converge" films I've seen, this is probably the least plausible in terms of bringing them all together.

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  • Walt Before Mickey

    Walt Before Mickey


    No, seriously. Fuck you, movie.

  • The 12 Dogs of Christmas

    The 12 Dogs of Christmas


    A young girl is shipped off to Maine by her unemployed dad to live with some floozy she's never met but her dad once had a fling with in a town that has outlawed dogs for some reason. She and a handful of other decent townsfolk team up to go Footloose on the town and stage a Christmas pageant that'll convince the mayor and his brother (the town dogcatcher) that dogs are outstanding. Or something like that. The story was weirdly difficult to follow.