Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Hello everybody, I know this is what you've been waiting for. ANOTHER review of EEAAO. And I have something very important to say. I fucking loved it! Look, listen to me. This film is flawed. It wraps up too cleanly, sometimes it goes a bit too far with its humour, whatever. I don't give a shit. I cried like three times during it.

The multiverse aspect is obviously hyped to shit in every review of it, and I have to be honest, that is like the least interesting aspect of this whole film. It's what makes it engaging moment to moment, trying to spy the cool tricks, but this is a fucking film about a generational immigrant family! I read so many reviews for this film as it was premiering in America and entering theatres in the UK, and every single negative review I have seen for this film doesn't even want to engage with it as a story about migrants. How the fuck is this flying past people's heads? The film heavily references In The Mood For Love for fucks sake. The family has trouble doing their taxes and audits because they don't understand the Western procedure!

The Wong Kar-Wai reference was fantastic. I think the only way I could've liked that one particular part more is if it licensed the song from it.

I have friends who I can tell will hate this. Leave your cynicism aside watching this. It is far too easy to hate things that lean into trends, things like multiverses, comparing things to Reddit humour, I don't even know what the fuck else. There is such a inherent heart to this film I cannot fathom people not enjoying. Michelle Yeoh being the dude's Racacoonie. The rocks turning around and Michelle Yeoh's one having googly eyes and slowly sliding through the dirt towards Joy's rock. There are parts where I felt like it got Lul Teh Rand0m a little bit, but who the fuck cares. It's not made for you. Enjoy what parts you did like. I used to watch The Big Bang Theory as a teenager and genuinely enjoy it but you don't see me trying to force current teenagers to swallow that shite. Bizarre sentiment around this film on Twitter for something that ends with a declaration of love.

This is the sort of film that encourages people to get into the hobby. Put more diversity into movies already.

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