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  • Coco



    Coco (2017)


    Beautiful in many ways, and probably at its most emotional towards the end as the stakes that were presented in the premise get more and more urgent. But this isn't without its failings in script here and there, like with the first twist (the replication of sequences between reality, the dead reality and the filmed reality is kinda too convenient for it to be nothing but a movie magic thing, which kinda puts you out in a…

  • Restricted



    Restricted (2001)


    The land of risks and chances.

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  • Tokyo Tribe

    Tokyo Tribe


    Tokyo Tribe (2014)


    I just want to learn Japanese so I can go to the 2024 anniversary screening with karaoke.

  • Antiporno



    Anti-Porn (2016)


    Ah, yes, Sion Sono, you crazy bastard, you've done it again. I like this new wave of films that are more than they meet the eye. This is part of the Roman Porno Reboot, but I can't imagine Nikkatsu being entirely happy with this, as it pokes fun at the concept of the Roman Porno itself. Like a modern day Daisies, this film has layers upon layers of realities, in which you just can't fully comprehend what's…