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I'm 30. It sucks.

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  • Mank



    Mank (2020)


    This is the definition of a "fine" film. The fact that it's directed by David Fincher, someone who I love and know that can do much more than "fine" infuriates me. This movie is unnecessarily complex, and its need for it to be similar to Citizen Kane in terms of structure and looks is what defeats its main emotional moments. The final Mankiewicz meltdown is cut off at the precise moment that it should've been continued, but…

  • Pretend It's a City

    Pretend It's a City


    Pretend It's a City (2021)


    I laughed so much throughout that I can't help but love it. The episodic nature is a bit more scattershot than anything else, and the themes are tenuous. They tried to make something serialized out of something that kind of works more in one sitting (which is how I saw it), so it inherently has some editing and pacing issues here and there. But overall, this is an ode to a place you hate, which is something I can absolutely relate to.

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  • Ema



    Ema (2019)


    I just don’t want to be rude, but every review here doesn’t come close to describe how fucking atrocious the dialogue is. How pretty it looks, how convinced it is of what it is, are surely high points, but this might be Larrain’s weakest film by far. Empty provocations, queerbaiting, a plot that absolutely makes no sense, strong idealization of madness, a forced sense of normalcy that doesn’t sit well at all. This is an effort that…

  • Antiporno



    Anti-Porn (2016)


    Ah, yes, Sion Sono, you crazy bastard, you've done it again. I like this new wave of films that are more than they meet the eye. This is part of the Roman Porno Reboot, but I can't imagine Nikkatsu being entirely happy with this, as it pokes fun at the concept of the Roman Porno itself. Like a modern day Daisies, this film has layers upon layers of realities, in which you just can't fully comprehend what's…