Yakuza Apocalypse ★★★★

Gokudou daisensou (2015)


Towards the middle of this film I had the sensation that the whole world was going to shit and that the film was slowly spiraling into complete anarchy and a mess in terms of how much shit was going on so fast and how everything just seemed to go sour. Then, I thought that the film had had a really interesting turn in its plot, one that aimed towards the necessity of people of defending themselves and being in a mind of their own against crime, but then I realized that I was wrong, and it mostly what a criticism of the hive mind type of mentality.

It does rail off towards the end, but at times this seemed to be a more personal work for Miike, and an statement for artists and for himself: stay foolish. It almost works like a condemnation of the recent career of Miike, as if he was telling himself that he must wake up and be foolish and silly to really overcome anything that may come towards him.

And yes, the guy on the frog suit, yes.

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