Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★★

On paper this already sounds like it could be just absolutely dreadful (and most of the extremely negative reviews of this had me fearing some of the worst), but among the many things that this iteration of Black Christmas was, boring certainly isn't one way that I would describe Sophia Takal's take on the canonized slasher title.

It's not subtle at all, but Sophia Takal and April Wolfe are never afraid of making this into something silly, but if anything else makes this take on Black Christmas as entertaining as it is, it's the fact that it's still clear that they're all having fun with it - and honestly I'd much rather more horror films under this vein over those that become far too self-serious for their own good. A bit stifled by that PG-13 rating, sure, but I was never bored.

52 Films by Women, 2020: #65

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