Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice ★★★★★

This movie deserves to be included on more lists of the greatest American comedies of the 1960's, not only because it's very funny as one could expect from Paul Mazursky but also stemming from the conversations it sets forth regarding the boundaries which are imposed within how love can be perceived.

It's clear that Mazursky made this film at the beginning of a new era: for the time, it's only fitting one would imagine how racy a film like this could be, given its frank discussions of sexuality. But what sets Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice apart from most other sex comedies that have come in the years since, is that it never feels afraid to address how complicated it feels to harbour these feelings whether you're in love or not.

This movie feels very 1969, but in all the best ways at that, too. In a way, it reaffirms just how fresh most of this feels too.

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