Midsommar ★★★★½

DISCLAIMER 5/7/2020: I don't agree with most of what I've written in this review, although I still stand by its score. Sometime soon I'll write another piece to capture my current stance on this, but I will leave this up.

After Hereditary, Ari Aster was already signifying some promise coming along the way for his sophomore feature and with Midsommar, he does so much more than live up to the promise that was headed his way. In many ways it’s also far more experimental than his previous effort, given the larger scale he’s made to work with in this case but he comfortably adjusts to the greater scope of this project and maybe that might also mean he’s also putting himself at risk of becoming too caught up even in his own ambition. There are many ways you can describe where one’s expectations will land before seeing Midsommar, because Ari Aster’s style of horror will only ever remain as divisive as ever - and to say the least, Midsommar will only reaffirm how strongly one feels about his work on either end of the spectrum. Will it even matter what you think of Hereditary coming into this? Perhaps, but I feel like I can already see Ari Aster turning into a giant inside his own league with that and Midsommar on his belt.

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