Stalker ★★★★★

I could already feel myself trembling from the inside as I watched Stalker on the big screen, but it also leaves me pondering about how I can make sense out of what I had seen.

Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker is a film I'd already seen numerous times through the years, but it always leaves me with a different feeling upon every revisit. But so much of it also depends on the day, or how I'm feeling prior, on some days I feel like I have witnessed something so devastating but on others it feels almost as if it leaves me hopeful.

Yet overall, I feel almost as if the beauty of Stalker can best be summed up by how contemplative an experience all of it is. On many days I wonder what the Zone represents as Tarkovsky spends his time wandering through that space. But I also wonder what that space reveals about the people who have been through it, maybe it isn't something that needs an immediate answer.

I feel like I can go on forever about Stalker, but it truly is a masterpiece in every sense of the word - although I admittedly still prefer Solaris in terms of Tarkovsky's films.

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