Tenet ★★

Probably the perfect amalgamation of Christopher Nolan's best and worst tendencies as a filmmaker - but even though I'm not nearly as in love with him as I used to be, I'm still of the belief he isn't one to make a bad movie either.

At best, Tenet is incredibly gorgeous - whenever Nolan's working with highly elaborate set pieces I feel like it's always easy enough to rely on him to provide something that's just as thrilling in return. But given how high the stakes can be raised in his own films, he can always deliver with the excitement coming forth, as I can expect from any great popcorn filmmaker.

Though at worst, it's hard enough for me to tell if Nolan trusts his audiences enough with his high concepts to a point he relegates certain characters only to the job of providing exposition as everything moves forward (and backward, in this scenario). It isn't really confusing either as opposed to just very linear and painfully on-the-nose at times - some eye-rolling moments come by every now and then, especially with John David Washington referring to himself as the "protagonist" like he is credited.

Even having seen this on IMAX 70mm wouldn't have been enough to fix the sound mixing, but I'm just glad to have been able to return to a theater again even though I wouldn't recommend heading back if you don't feel safe in doing so (my screening was near empty, thankfully).

Elizabeth Debicki innocent.

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