The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

As dense a film as one could ever expect Alejandro Jodorowsky to ever make, but also the only one that I've seen to truly live up to the name which he's made for himself - one that's so baffling to the point it can only be best experienced by seeing it for themselves, because there's certainly no one way that you can take to a film like The Holy Mountain and come out with a very unified reaction in the end. From the religious allegories as the film divides itself chapter by chapter, to the unique imagery that can only ever be traced back to Jodorowsky's style of filmmaking: it's all a guarantee that The Holy Mountain is a film that one would never forget having seen.

Jodorowsky hasn't always hit for me, sometimes I have a hard time determining whether or not he's a filmmaker I don't like for that reason, yet The Holy Mountain just happens to remain as beguiling as it's been from the first time I'd ever seen it. Perhaps that might just be enough for me, but I know days will come where I'll find myself coming back to it.

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