Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★

Probably the one movie where Alfonso Cuarón is at his most free, he embraces a style of realism to encapsulate what the world of growing up is like, and just the way that spirit is captured on the screen in Y Tu Mamá También is nothing short of wondrous. It might not be my favourite of Cuarón's, but for its free spirit and intimate look into youthfulness, it is most certainly a film to be seen by many. If this isn't one of the best coming-of-age films in recent years, then I don't know what is.

Cuarón embraces a youthful spirit with his lead characters who are played by Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, and the very authenticity to the characters that they play also just is a sort which I find resonates with the viewers at least to the degree there's a sense one can relate. Not in the manner that they have gone on an erotic road trip like these two (which I can imagine would be lots of fun), but at least in spirit. It's something to be said of sex comedies but this is most certainly not one of those films which we are dealing with right here.

We have those films that show sexual awakenings among teenagers but are merely focused on the aspect of them building up their life with sex, and that's all we see. Where Cuarón does different with Y Tu Mamá También is that within frank and explicit discussion all regarding sex what else we are given at hand are the roots that form life - it's all within the tagline of the film. It is confusing, yes, but it goes to provide a valuable lesson to be learned within the very end.

Despite being erotic in terms of spirit we're also offered a clever insight to Mexico as a country. Whether it be from how the culture goes, to the politics of such a nation, and soon the "erotic road trip movie" becomes one of the most insightful films of the 21st century. Cuarón's very understanding of his nation's own culture truly is something to make such a film worth remembering. As a matter of fact, it only left me more fascinated with how things go down over in Mexico.

Maybe there's more to this than I'd pin down right on the spot, but I know for sure I'll be revisiting this wonderful film more and more. What Alfonso Cuarón has created here is most certainly a film not to be missed, a film that perfectly encapsulates a nation within what on the outside looks so seductive, at least through how thoroughly it goes and details the active sexual life that the free-spirited teen would live for. It's entertaining at least witnessing the freedom to the spirit that Cuarón lets out, but the intelligence to its insights on life make Y Tu Mamá También absolutely remarkable.

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