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  • Halloween


    Holy shit. What a fucking travesty. I actually can't believe how bad this turned out to be. The hype for this retread is off the charts, and that will undoubtedly lead to a huge opening weekend, but make no mistake: this is not just a bad Halloween movie, it's bad movie overall.

    As a big horror movie fan who loves the Halloween series, I was excited to see this, but it failed miserably on practically every level. I felt the…

  • Salt



    Absolutely fucking superb! I love this movie. One of the greatest action movies of the modern era (IMO), and I don't believe that's an exaggeration. Who gives a crap if it's implausible at times? Is it plausible that John McClane can jump off an exploding skyscraper and survive? Is anything Arnie does in Commando or True Lies even remotely credible? No chance, but it doesn't make a blind bit of difference to the enduring brilliance/enjoyability of those movies. Salt is…

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  • Kill List

    Kill List


    Fantastic. One of the best British films in years, and just gets better every time I watch it. For some reason, it's criminally underrated, but given the subject matter, it's no surprise that 'Kill List' didn't get a wide cinema release.

    On the surface, the story seems simple: two (ex-military) hitmen take on a new assignment for a bunch of shady businessmen, but there's so much more to it than that. It starts off as one thing, but morphs genres…

  • Upstream Color

    Upstream Color


    This is the third time I've seen Upstream Colour, and like 'Primer' before it, the movie improves exponentially with every viewing. This is true visual storytelling, the likes of which we rarely see in US cinema, though to be honest, despite paying close attention, I still don't understand every aspect of the story (!)

    Not that it matters. I love movies that demand audience investment/active engagement, and when combined with an enticing symbiosis of gorgeous imagery and music, a hypnotic,…