Ocean's Eleven

Ocean's Eleven ★★★★★

Ok forgive me I’ve gone 2 weeks without watching a movie but I’ve been replaying red dead redemption and I can’t review games on here... nonetheless I decided to rewatch one of my favorite films ever.

Plot? Perfect. Characters? Are they overdone? Stereotypical? Ok maybe a little but still perfect. Pacing. PERFECT. Basically the only negative is... well... honestly i don’t even know this movie exceeds in everything. 

I’m a bit biased, as I love heist movies. Their complexities and intricacies played out make for sublime pacing and extremely well-written exposition dumps. 

All the characters serve a purpose and none overstay their welcome in my opinion. Brad Pitt and George Clooney tug at each other’s screen time, trying to be the favorite, while in the background we’ve got Matt Damon and Julia Roberts also making you love the supporting characters. Oh the Asian man in the vents has a relatively minor role? Ok, Lets not dedicate too much time to him. See how easy that is? Every movie should follow this on-screen dedication that Ocean’s has. 

Music and setting is another A+ area for this. Like I said regarding the plot, I’m quite heavily biased in favor of it, and the backdrop of Las Vegas and fast jazz really help it out just that much more.

I could ramble about this movie for days but I’ll end it here saying that I find very few reasons for someone to dislike this movie, and besides a relatively minor villain, I think in this movie the vault serves as the real villain with the casino owner more or less a henchman to his castle. 10/10, no question.