Annabelle ★½

I mean it’s alright. There are a few genuinely good moments mixed amongst all the jump scares.

While the Conjuring has good characters and was actually pretty scary, this is pretty much the opposite. It realies pretty heavily on jump scares and the characters are just there to be scared. I’m trying to think about what I know about the two main characters and all I can think of is one like to sow and just gave birth and the other is a doctor who is skeptical. This isn’t good for a horror movie because if we don’t care about the characters, the scares aren’t nearly as impactful Also since the movie ain’t that scary, it can get pretty boring at times. 

Like I said there are some good moments mixed in. Like the one scene where the mom (don’t even remember her name and I don’t care enough to look it up) is trying to go up to her floor in the apartment building but the elevator stays on the same floor. That was good and pretty suspenseful. Also I liked in the beginning when there neighbors get attacked and we have this slow zoom on there neighbors window and then blood just spatters across the wall. Still a jump scare but pretty good one at that. 

I was expecting worse but this is still pretty bad. Will honestly never watch it again unless I’m binging all the Conjuring universe movies again.