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  • A Silent Woman

    A Silent Woman


    Juvenalia, sure, but rather impressive juvenalia all the same. I guess it probably helps that I'm a sucker for well-composed static shots in academy ratio 16mm. I might even say that it could have been interesting if Piñeiro had carried over some of this Bresson/Akerman-esque glacialism into his features, although he perhaps wisely realized that the world probably only needs one Angela Schanelec. It also probably helps that this is only twenty minutes long, feature length versions of this sort of thing tend to test my patience.

  • Two Shots Fired

    Two Shots Fired


    Lazy descriptors for Martin Rejtman's work might include the terms "deadpan", "understated", or "unassuming", all of which could apply to Two Shots Fired. Yet his (to date) most recent feature takes the director's typical low-key, lackadaisical approach to a new level, so fundamentally non-committal that it seems to barely invest in its characters in the conventional sense, or even to conform to a typical, coherent multi-character "network narrative" structure. Rather, the film seems to pick up and drop characters almost…

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  • Vertigo


    (I was originally planning on writing my review as an open letter to Hitchcock himself, which I might still do at some point, but this will suffice for now. The only part I regret not including was a question asking him how he'd like to be addressed. Hitch? Alfred? Al? Mr. Cock?)

    Reading that Orson Welles apparently hated this makes me so happy, especially when you consider that The Immortal Story is kind of the same thing except actually good...…

  • Othon



    90 seconds in: "Eyes don't want to stay shut all the time..."

    Me: "Mine do. I'm gonna take a nap. Goodnight."