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  • Professor Taranne

    Professor Taranne


    "I don't understand at all. There's nothing to understand. It means absolutely nothing. And yet... I agree with you."

    Last night I tried to watch Ruiz's early film Nadie dijo nada, before the file glitched out on me about half an hour in. To be perfectly honest, I can't say that I minded much since my eyes were already getting tired of trying to read the english subtitles transposed directly on top of the hardsubbed Italian ones (for a film…

  • Play



    Close but not quite. The prospect of a low-key magical realist, quasi-romantic comedy about two lonely twenty/thirty-somethings struggling to connect in an alienating urban environment is the sort of thing that is virtually always right up my ally (or, more precisely, it feels exactly like the type of film I would have written when I was in my early twenties). Chilean director Alicia Scherson's entry into this well-trodden subgenre is far from the most embarrassing example of its type, but…

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  • Vertigo


    (I was originally planning on writing my review as an open letter to Hitchcock himself, which I might still do at some point, but this will suffice for now. The only part I regret not including was a question asking him how he'd like to be addressed. Hitch? Alfred? Al? Mr. Cock?)

    Reading that Orson Welles apparently hated this makes me so happy, especially when you consider that The Immortal Story is kind of the same thing except actually good...…

  • Song to Song

    Song to Song


    Long read:

    Above rating notwithstanding, I no longer hold Terrence Malick in the Godlike regard that I once did, when he released The New World and instantaneously shattered my perceptions of what cinema was capable of. Twelve years and four films later, some of the mystique has inevitably worn off and signs of artistic stasis have gradually begun to set in, albeit ever so slowly. And yet, I cannot bring myself to join in with the increasingly dominant critical voices…