Annette ★★★★½

I mean, there's so much to process here and expound upon (and I intend to, tomorrow, if I'm not too hung over), but some first thoughts...

1. I'd love to know what Stephen Sondheim (notoriously ambivalent about the film musical) would think of this. In addition to him getting thanked in the credits, this also reminded me more of a theatrical production of Sweeney Todd than that Tim Burton thing.

2. I can sympathize with a Carax fan unfamiliar with or ambivalent about Sparks not vibing with this. Make no mistake, this is a Sparks movie as much as a Carax movie, if not more so (which isn't to say it isn't interesting viewed through a Carax auteurist lens). Of course, the question of what authorship even means is a big part of what makes the film interesting (and is explicitly addressed in the text!)

3. Is this not Carax's No Such Thing? Or his Love Streams? That is to say, a work that tests the limits of what a "Leos Carax film" should be to the point of alienating even his staunchest defenders.

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