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  • Stalker



    So.....many......emotions, and thoughts going through my head right now. This is masterclass cinema right here. I’m so glad I got this on Criterion.

  • The Predator

    The Predator


    So...The Predator. isn’t good. It’s not just bad, it’s terrible. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. The Predator is easily the second worst in the franchise only ahead of Alien Vs Predator: Requiem. It turned out to be one of the worst and most disappointing movies of the year thus far. Up till this point, the Predator franchise has been fairly decent. The original is of course a classic, Predator 2 is a great guilty pleasure film,…

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  • Mandy



    Going in, Mandy was one of my most anticipated movies of the year. The original trailer caught my interest instantly. Mandy looked like a movie I’ve dreamed about seeing for a long time. Excellent visuals, brutal gorey violence, and a unique fantasy like revenge tale and without a doubt, Mandy provides all of those. 

    While I do love this movie, Mandy does have its noticeable flaws. Once the revenge part of the story kicks in, the writing provides little to…

  • Searching



    So far, Searching has been one of the biggest surprises this year. Within the first 10 minuets I knew this movie was going to be special. It plays with your nostalgia then has you smiling. Then all of the sudden it might have you weeping. By then you are already extremely invested in the characters presented to you. That’s by far one of the biggest positives Searching has to offer, you sincerely care about the mystery and the characters it’s…