Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★

Blumhouse has all the capabilities to make great horror films but they often settle for boring, predictable, and stupid films like the new Black Christmas. Throughout the entire 92 minute runtime, the foundations for a great movie are there but the writing and direction never take the better opportunities for a story like this that’s right in front of them. 

The direction this remake of Black Christmas was taken in blew my mind. It’s absolutely ridiculous and stupid. The story is a disgrace to the original and the performances from the men in this film certainly didn’t help. All the male performances were so hammy and overacted. What I do love about this reiteration is the incorporation of exposing rape culture among fraternities and the lack of repercussions they’ve received in sexual assault cases. 

For the most part, the movie feels thrown together. The first death is extremely rushed and after that, no kill is satisfying because the camera turns away as soon as something interesting happens to make sure the movie stays at a PG-13 rating. The resolution comes and goes in an instant and the film ends with very little satisfaction. Some of the stalk and prey sequences within the sorority house are decent but for a majority of it all, there are missed opportunities to make it better. 

Besides its message about sexual assault through frat culture, the best part falls on the main cast. Imogen Poots is as good as always, it’s awesome that she landed the lead role here. Then Aleyse Shannon and Lily Donoghue are good for what material they were given. 

Black Christmas isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen this year but it’s certainly not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination. The root of the story is ludicrous and the violence is far from exciting. The groundwork for a great remake is right there in front of them but Black Christmas just ends up being a teenage friendly cash grab.

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