BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

I honestly never thought Blackkklansman would be in my top 5 of 2018. But as of right now, it’s sitting at #5. It has been exactly a week since I saw it and I still think about it and everything it stands for. Blackkklansman is a prime example of brilliant filmmaking. Masterful directing, stellar performances, fantastic story, powerful themes, and remarkable visuals. Besides being a excellent piece of cinema, Blackkklansman is a film of higher importance. The goal it set out to do is bigger than us and that’s why Blackkklansman is one of the most important movies to ever come out in the last 15 years. 

In 2018 everyone can agree that America is facing problems with Nuclear War, Russia, and Korea. Sadly, we can’t all realize that Trump, inequality, police brutality and racism are still very big problems facing America today. Blackkklansman takes place during the early 1970s and inequality, police brutality, and racism were still very much a big problem. That tells me that as a society in America we have not matured. We have made progress but those same problems are still very much alive in today’s society. 

For that reason, Blackkklansman honestly feels like it could have taken place in 2018. Spike Lee makes it clear that in the 1970s and in the 2010s that America has birthed institutions founded on the ideals geared towards whites. That is made clear in a scene where the well-being of David Duke is higher prioritized than the well-being of the Black Student Union of Colorado College who was being targeted by the KKK. That is still very much the case today. Prime example would be kneeling controversy in the NFL. The commissioner and the owners would rather fine and suspend players for kneeling rather than stand by them and the issues they’re trying to combat. 

That brings me to Spike Lee’s direction. Spike Lee’s direction here is spotless. Lee nails the pacing of this drama and humor filled story. The movie has a lot of hilarious moments and a lot of tense and super serious moments but the tones mix surprisingly well. Lee handles every character and their development with precision. Along with the major themes, Lee also decided to focus on the theme of staying true to ones faith and embracing your people. This theme was told mostly through Adam Driver’s character. Very impressive stuff from Spike Lee in Blackkklansman, the work of a genius. 

The obvious standout in Blackkklansman is the performances. John David Washington as Ron Stallworth is simply amazing. He portrays the innocence, maturity, and the ballsiness of the character extremely well. His progression as a character is very noticeable in the acting. He easily deserves a nomination for this role and if he doesn’t it would be a shame. Adam Driver continues to prove he’s one of the best supporting actors today. He compliments John David Washington very well. Their chemistry is off the hook. Laura Harrier plays a character that offers a lot to the story but lacks in the complexity department like the other main characters. Then the performance that caught me off guard was Topher Grace as David Duke. It’s scary how close his representation of David Duke is to the real David Duke. I hope he reminds people how great of an actor he is because he knocked his role out of the park. 

Blackkklansman is the wake up call all of America needs to see but sadly everyone won’t. That’s a shame because of how great this movie turned out to be. Spike Lee put everything out on the table for Blackkklansman and walked off with a home run. While being a excellent piece of cinema, it’s a perfect piece of commentary on what problems really matter in America right now. I absolutely loved Blackkklansman and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves. I highly recommend this one.

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