Parasite ★★★★★

Up till this point the only Bong Joon Ho film I’ve seen was Okja and I absolutely loved that movie. Now that I’ve seen Parasite, a damn masterpiece in every sense of the word, I can honestly see why Bong Joon Ho is so highly regarded as a both a director and a writer. 

What Bong Joon Ho creates with Parasite is a film that works extremely well on so many levels. It works as a comedy, thriller, drama, and more importantly, a deep dive into the difference between societal classes and the conflict they have between each other. Parasite is as beautiful as it is daunting and tragic. At one moment you’re laughing uncontrollably then soon after you’re cemented in your seated asking what the hell just happened.

Parasite undoubtedly has some of the best script work in any film of 2019. Brilliant character work, captivating dialogue, and important and fleshed out themes all come together to create a unique and cohesive story. Both Bong Joon Ho and fellow screenwriter Han Jin Won create a screenplay only many could fantasize about making. 

Just as sound as the script is the technical aspects on display. The cinematography from Kyung-pyo Hong is well thought out, full of meaning, and pristine. The editing from Jinmo Yang is clear-cut and to the point. Then finally the score from Jaeil Jung is the perfect embodiment of the story at hand. Beautiful and tragic in all the right ways. 

What really takes the cake is the performances from this immensely talented cast. Kang-ho Song, Yeo-jeong Jo, So-dam Park, Woo-sik Choi, and Sun-kyun Lee all give equally great performances rounding out one of the best ensemble casts this year. The chemistry each one of them has with each other is off the charts and you can tell that from the very first lines of dialogue. 

Parasite is a deeply moving film that also manages to keep you intrigued through its brilliant performances, spectacular script, and a story that is just as funny as it is terrifying. Bong Joon Ho has yet another excellent film in his filmography as it’s one of 2019’s finest pieces of art and cinema.

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