Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

Under the Silver Lake has future cult classic written all over it. David Robert Mitchell crafts a more modern version of Inherent Vice. With obvious influences from Hitchcock and Lynch, Under the Silver Lake is one wonky but more importantly, a fun ride. At no time during the film did I think David Robert Mitchell was just ripping off other well known director’s styles. He makes his own film. Much like his last film It Follows, Under the Silver Lake is a well crafted homage piece and David Robert Mitchell had all of the talent in the world to pull it off and he did. 

Andrew Garfield gives one of his most bizarre and best performances to date. I was completely entranced in his character and the mystery he sucked himself into. All of the side characters didn’t have a ton of contributions besides the few scenes each one of them were in but they all rocked. Another highlight of the film was the soundtrack from Disasterpiece. The soundtrack added a whole other layer of a surreal presence to the film. 

Under the Silver Lake is a film everyone must see for themselves. As a audience member you’re going to have to deal with more mystery than answers but to me that was perfectly ok. David Robert Mitchell provides a brilliant sense of direction paired with a lot of great performances. On top of all that, the soundtrack from Disasterpiece is the cherry on top.

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