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  • Brawl in Cell Block 99

    Brawl in Cell Block 99


    I took an extra day apart from logging this because I was hoping that by then I'd be able to say something of equal value to the sheer power of this film. I'm still absolutely speechless. Floored. Don't let this one get swiped under the radar, and go into this one knowing as little as possible. If there is one thing, it's that Vince Vaughn (of all people) gives what's possibly one of my favorite performances of the whole entire decade. Just.. nothing will prepare you for the depths of hell this movie plunges you into.

  • River's Edge

    River's Edge


    I only watched this for Keanu and was left disappointed by Crispin Glover's strange blushy baby face and baby blue eyes with a voice like it came straight from A Goofy Movie trying to act cool and intimidating.

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  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    my nama jef

  • Free Fire

    Free Fire


    I wrote a fantastic review for this but half of it deleted on accident so I deleted the whole thing and now all you have is this

    kung pow penis