Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★½

This will sit better with me after a couple rewatches. I also went in with the expectation that this would surpass Eraserhead (which still remains my favorite film of all time) but that's a pretty douchey thing for me to do considering how much that film strikes me on a personal level, even more so since it's what got me into Lynch (and basically film in general) in the first place.

Some parts of this dragged but David Lynch's incredible ability to build atmosphere kept drawing me back in when my eyes started to wander. Not too sure what else to say. I bet a lot of people on here will have much smarter and more articulate ways of describing this than what I have to offer. Do with that what you will.

In a movie full of confusing things, the most baffling of all was the cameo from Billy Ray Cyrus. Lynch's films are strange but that was just out of left field, even for him.

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