My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro ★★★★

This the cutest shit I ever seen.

Out of all the Miyazaki films I've seen, this is the most interesting. It's a neat experiment to have almost no plot, no antagonist and just about no conflict. in My Neighbor Totoro things just sort of... happen. In most films that would be a bad thing but Miyazaki does it in a way that feels fun and exciting, you never know where the movie is gonna go. It's probably the most wholesome film ever made, it's cute and silly and devoid of any kind of "message" that a lesser film would try to pound into a child's head through on-the-nose social/political commentary (yeah I'm looking at you Zootopia, you're not that fucking clever), which is also pretty interesting because Miyazaki usually laces in a few tidbits of man's overdevelopment into nature and how destructive humans are when they want to get something, but My Neighbor Totoro is completely devoid of all of that. It exists solely to entertain and be comforting, something it succeeds at in almost every possible way.

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