Hereditary ★½

Regal Cinemas Union Square - DCP

Is like 80% of the movie going population trolling the remaining 20%?

For starters, Toni Collette is TERRIBLE. I can't remember the last time someones overacting just turns into legit comedy. The dinner table argument scene was hard to watch and as she slips into madness (does she? film is terrible at letting the viewer know what is happening) it gets cornier and tough to sit through.

SLOW does not have to mean BORING, yeah this is a "slow burn" because it is very boring and the script sucks and nearly every scene is over extended.

Gabriel Bryne earns 1 star and the other half is for a characters head being on the side of the road.

I had low expectations because A24 is mostly dogshit but I must thank them since they didn't let this movie be 3+hrs long.

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