Goon ★★★★

Goon is not a film I was expecting to feel compelled to review, but here I am, typing! Evidently something as gone awry.

A good sports film in my opinion should leave you inspired, make your hair stand on end and should make your muscles tense, so tense you couldn’t hold in the most girlie of farts, so tense that you pee in your popcorn! As for this film, well I’ll just say I’m sorry to whom I shared popcorn with.

Of course, not even in the Falkland Island Film Awards (FIFA?) would this win anything and rightly so, but every emotion I would expect, gets delivered, including wanting shout ‘GET IN!’ while standing up and punching the air, but with a little bit of humour and lurv thrown in.

Seann William Scott (yes, two n’s) plays the lead character, who’s name is of little importance. He falls into ice hockey because of his ability to deliver and receive punches, showing us all the simple and brutal nature of the game and of ‘thugs’. He is simple, strong, struggling and……..honourable?

The trailer sets you up to think this a mindless punch-fest, and in doing so does the film an injustice, it will satisfy people looking for blood and others looking for a deeper story. SWS’s character shows the honour in fighting for your team and protecting your team-mates. Every punch he takes, you know in your heart he takes for his team, so when I say it inspires me, it is not to play ice hockey or to get into fights, it is to protect and to fulfill my role, whatever it may be.

It certainly made me re-think a few pre-conceptions about fighting I had. It can be honourable and the fighter can have integrity and purpose.

As for the simple side to the film, there is a Titanic battle brewing, and indeed it delivers and if I hadn’t got the cliché happy ending I so keenly wanted, I WOULD HAVE FUCKING WALKED OUT! Which would have been handy as it was the end of the film anyway.

Very happy to be suprised by film that I expected nothing from but actually got a hell of a lot. 8 black eyes out of 10 from me.