Kids these days have it easy. The state of endangerment that beleaguered your Goonies, Monster Squads, Explorers, and what have you are mired in the gaping maw of Spielberg nostalgia. Peeking out of that corner is MOTORAMA, a road-spanning odyssey set in a roguish pocket universe full of scoundrels, deadbeats, and the morally destitute -- including Dick Miller! Meat Loaf! Susan Tyrell! Mary Woronov! On the scale of constant peril, tuff runaway Gus tops out with a slew traumatic child hobo nightmares. Which is a shame; of all of the cine-kids you want to see soul-crushing violence inflicted upon, he's near the bottom of the list -- a real anti-Kevin McAlister. At one point sports a credible beard! Someone find that make-up guy and give him a child beard medal.

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