That Man from Rio

Jean-Paul Belmondo swings, jumps, hangs, glides, stumbles, and hops his way through Paris and Rio* to save his bourgeoise lover from treasure-seeking kidnappers. At one point, a swig of rough whiskey powers him like Popeye to punch his way out of a barroom brawl. Spielberg & Lucas cribbed a lot of this for Indiana Jones, namely Belmondo's physical persistence and wily problem-solving. More than anything, he comes off as a midpoint between M. Hulot & John McClane -- the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time... with the elasticity and comic grace of Tati's eternal tourist. Belmondo doing nearly all of his own stunts adds to that brazen authenticity. Going back to Indy, it's like every action scene is the truck chase.

Hell, I may be underrating this. The two drunk elderly ladies in front of me chatting up a storm took me out of some of the greater setpieces.

*Bad grammar fixed!

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