Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★

This is what it’s like to create something with just a really simple idea (ie create an imaginary friend via Hitler humor) and then not understand how to adapt or draw more out of it.

Jojo Rabbit is setup to truly create something significantly more beautiful than its final result. I wonder if the director’s cut is better because this misses on so many levels. Casting people with actual German accents would’ve been a good start, or detaching yourself from a weird, non-definitive love story wouldn’t have hurt either, or telling Sam Rockwell to not play another role where he’s either racist, a Nazi, or just acting as Sam Rockwell.

Lastly, the German Shepherd joke was funny.  

Ps. I wanted so much more from this. Maybe some more laughs. Or tears. Or acting. Taika, I wanted so much more from you, because I used to love you for who you were.

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