BlacKkKlansman ★★★

This is the first Spike Lee film I've seen, so I didn't have big or low expectations for this film. I was very much neutral.

This film has a wonderful visual grade for the era of the early 1970s. It's authentically pleasing to watch it, and the soundtrack is the same along with it.
The story is told well and the director/writer understood the material this is based off. There was a lot of passion in this project and the finale of the film really hits you on the type of issues that still remain in such a toxic world.

My problems come in with the film's pacing. The film kinda halts at one point and it's drags the film down for me. The film's build up to the ending was somewhat suspenseful but it didn't feel like a good enough conclusion and that might be the point? but I think for the story they wanted to tell it's effective but has an underwhelming conclusion to the case.

The characters also felt underdeveloped. You feel some sympathy for a some characters but barely felt any for Adam Driver's character and a few others.

Overall it's a good introduction to Spike's films and I look forward to watching his previous films (except Oldboy).

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